Reports: User Demographics & Behaviour

Our reports contain information on user demographics and their behaviour when listening to content:

- Age breakdown
- Gender breakdown
- Podcast drop-off rate

IMPORTANT: This information is captured by our embedded web player and when listening on our website. For content partners that do not use our web player, or if the percentage of web traffic is too low (less than 10% of total) we cannot display these graphs to prevent inaccurate information.

The Age and Gender charts are fairly self-explanatory histograms that provider as breakdown of the user demographics:

The Podcast drop-off rate chart is more complex and requires some background information:
  • We measure podcast listening drop-off in percentages instead of time to cater for the wide differences in audio length, sometimes even inside a single channel.
  • Drop-off rate data is obtained by firing an event every time a listener reaches a certain percentage in a podcast using our embed or web player. 
  • We currently track on 10% thresholds, eg: 20%, 30%, etc. The two exceptions to this is when (a) playback starts (0%) and (b) playback finishes (100%).
  • Not all platforms allow us to accurately track events during playback, especially some mobile handsets, but the playback start and end events fire very reliably. Due to this discrepancy in available data for some charts the 100% value may exceed the 90% value - a logical discrepancy. We have decided to still display the middle values as it still provides some visual cues as to drop-off.

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