Syndicating podcasts to Spotify

Syndicating podcasts to Spotify

Important: recommend that we list your RSS feeds on Spotify rather than doing it yourself for the reasons listed below. Mail and tell us which channels you would like to add.

Spotify allow podcasters to submit their channel RSS feeds for syndication.

Unlike iTunes and other listing services some important notes apply to Spotify syndication if you list the feeds yourself:

- Spotify do not read the podcast files from our servers. Instead podcast episodes are copied onto the Spotify platform and served from there. This means that statistics from Spotify listeners will NOT be visible on usage reports. Publishers need to use the Spotify portal to get access statistics for their podcast there.

- Because files are not accessed directly from us, downloads inside the Spotify eco-system cannot be monetised via our dynamic ad engine.

- Spotify reserves the right to restrict advertising on their platform and may remove content if it contains certain types of adverts.  See the following from their terms: "However, Provider furthermore acknowledge that advertising and/or sponsorship messages containing pornographic content, or for firearms, ammunition, weapons, cigarettes, tobacco or e-cigarettes, or that relates to political or religious organisations or for any music streaming service, is not permitted. Spotify reserves the right to remove any Authorised Content that contains any such embedded advertising and/or sponsorship messages."  The full list of terms can be found Spotify for Podcasters site. has a special agreement in place with Spotify where, if we add an RSS feed, Spotify will use our server file copies, meaning listens will be visible on the reports and the dynamic advertising will still work.  The restrictions around advertising remains in place either way, but if we have visibility on Spotify listed feeds we can manage it easier. 

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