What's the difference between Series, News, Podcast and Books?

Every channel has a content type that determines how it is displayed and also how it is scheduled in a playlist.

  • News - these are for frequently updated channels. Typically users are only interested in the latest episode of these channels. (Nobody wants to hear old news :-) News channels display their episodes from newest to oldest, and when in a playlist will only automatically schedule the latest episode. All ordering is based on the episode date.
  • Podcast - these are similar to News, but for less frequently updated items, like weekly episodes. 
  • Series - for channels that are meant to be listened from start to finish. They are displayed from first to last episode and is scheduled in the same when in a playlist. The playlist provides the next episode only when the current one is marked as done, allowing users to listen through these channels on their own pace. All ordering is based on episode number.
  • Event - conferences, TEDx or similar events where audio tracks are recorded in the order of their speakers or event tracks.
  • Books - for audio books that are also listened from the first chapter to the last. They function and display exactly the same as Series channels. 

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