What are Providers, Channels and Episodes ? How do i add or edit them ?

All content on our platform is organized into a 3-layer hierarchy.

At the top is a provider, which represents the entity that publishes the content. This is typically the name of the organisation, for example the radio station, band or audiobook publisher. 

Every provider can have 1 or more channels. Channels provide a way to group similar content together. 

Finally, every channel can have multiple episodes. Episodes are the individual audio file users can listen to or download.

Our site users can follow entire channels or individual episodes in their playlists.

Some example providers and channels:

  • Publish content for your radio station (as the provider), with each channel a different radio show. 
  • Start an audio blog channel, with your personal details as the provider.
  • Set your band name as the provider and publish your next single or album as a new channel.

How do i add or edit new channels and episodes?

iono.fm allows logged-in admins to edit most of their content 'in place'. If you browse your content while logged-in with an admin account, you will see the relevant edit and publish controls.

New channels can be created using the "Add channel" button on your provider page.

New episodes can be published using the "Publish episode" button on the channel pages.

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