How do i use my Playlist?

You can listen to episodes individually on our site, but to get the most from our platform you can build a playlist and start following it.

Think of it as building your own radio station of all the content available on our site - with you deciding where and when to listen to it.

How do i follow my playlist ?

You can use the Playlist section on our website to follow your playlist content. On the playlist section there is also a unique RSS code to follow your playlist using any external RSS audio application on your phone, tablet or desktop.

How do i add or remove items from my playlist ?

Wherever you see the 'Follow' button you can add a new item to your playlist. You can remove them in the same way using the 'Unfollow' button. Use the playlist section of our website to see a list of all the items in your playlist.

If i follow a whole channel which episodes will i receive ?

When you view your playlist on a player the episodes displayed is determined by the 'type' of the channel:

Books, Series and Events: these channels are meant to be listened from start to finish. The player will provide you with the first episode, and only provide the next one when you mark it as done. 

News and Podcasts: always provides you with the latest episode that is available. When you mark it as done, no episode will be displayed for it until a newer one becomes available. 

And episodes?

If you follow an episode it will be kept in your playlist until you mark it as done.

If you use the 'Mark as Done' functionality you will receive a new episode with the next email round.

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