Getting started with publishing on our site

We have a basic review process where we manage adding new content providers to ensure the quality of our content.  Please let us know if you'd like to make use of our service and we'd be happy to help you get up and running.   

1) Contact us to create a new publishing space for you 

To start publishing content on our site, please contact us with your details.  Give us a bit of background and let us know what your goals are with your audio podcasts. 

Our team will go through your requirements to assist you in setting up a new provider with channel(s) on our site.

2) Provide us with all the required details to setup your provider and channel(s)

(See the Providers / Channels / Episodes article for more details on how your content will be organised).

At minimum, every provider and channel must have a title, description and image associated with it.

We can provide guidance on images and descriptions, but you will not be able to publish to our site until these have been finalised.

Note also that for any channels you wish to distribute via iTunes you will require a 1400x1400 logo !

3) Accept your invitation to become a publisher on our site

After the setup process we will send you an email invitation to join our site as a content publisher. You can accept this invite with an existing account or create a new one, either directly or via Google/Facebook.

4) Keep publishing and managing your content

Once you have publishing rights you can login to our site publish new episodes at any time or manage and change existing ones.

See this article on publishing episodes and this one on ensuring good metadata for your episodes. 

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