Can i have my own subdomain like ?

Every provider can have one 'shortcode' so that they can provide their customers with a human readable and pronounceable shortcut to their content on

How does it work ?

Let's say you choose 'example' as your shortcode then you can direct visitors to go to to reach your content.

Can i have this as a subdomain also ? ?

We don't support this functionality yet, but are working on supporting it in the future. Once this functionality becomes available your shortcode will automatically become a subdomain.

What limitations are there ?

Your shortcode must be between 3 and 40 lower-case characters. We allow single hyphens, but not at the start or end of the shortcode. So for example, 'exa-mple' would be valid, but '-example' or 'exa--mple' would not. No other characters or digits are allowed, and uppercase characters will automatically be converted to lowercase.

Finally, your shortcode must be unique. If it is already in use by another provider you will have to select an alternative.

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