What is a partner network and how do I become one ?

What is a partner network ?

A partner network is any third-party network or application that delivers content from our repository to their own users. This can include any mobile or web application developed to serve specific content.

We are currently serving content over several partner networks and encourage anyone that want to deliver our audio content to their user base to contact us.

How do we become a partner network and what are the requirements ?

Simply contact us on business@iono.fm and we'll work with you to get our content integrated into your platform or application.

Our only requirements are that audio content may not be cached or proxied in any way on your network. All audio requests must be performed directly against our content servers from the end-user device, using only the URLs provided by our service.

What do I get as a partner ?

We will provide you with a specific partner client code that you should use in all requests to our service. Once you start using this code you can use our reporting portal to draw reports on all iono.fm content delivered via your network. This includes lists of the most popular content and categories in addition to user demographic breakdowns. There is no cost associated with this.

We are open to negotiating other technical integrations and business synergies on a case-by-case basis.

How do I get started with integrating iono.fm content ?

See our Integrating with RSS article for technical details.

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