Uploading episodes via Dropbox

Publishers can upload their audio files to a Dropbox account and import them from there as episodes on our platform.

This works great for publishers with existing Dropbox workflows, and also allow using the Dropbox application to handle background file uploads instead of our website uploads.

This article assumes a valid Dropbox account and software that's been installed correctly - for more information see the Dropbox help.

Once your file has been synced to your online Dropbox, you need to share your file to retrieve link:
  • Select the audio file you wish to import and click the 'Share' button:

  • The "Link to File" field indicates the direct link of your shared file, copy this link to your clipboard:

On the iono.fm interface, when uploading/publishing your episode:
  • Enter your episode information and click the 'Select input file' button:

  • Select the" Upload from a URL" option:

  • Paste the link as copied from Dropbox into this field and click 'Upload':

  • Once the upload has completed, a 'Ready' label will be presented below the upload button indicating that your episode is ready to be created:

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