RSS Namespace

The page defines the ionofm RSS namespace used to insert metadata into our RSS that is specific to our service.

Namespace declaration


Namespace elements

Note that all the elements in this namespace is optional, and that any (or all) of them may be omitted from a response. Image thumbnails

<ionofm:thumbnail href="">

The thumbnail element provides a link to a small thumbnail of the related image. This applies to both the RSS <channel> element and it's child <item> elements. It's href attribute will contain a URL pointing to a 128x128 or 64x64 PNG image.

Object live-stream


The stream element provides links to any live-streams associated with a provider or a channel. It is valid within the RSS <channel> element or within <item> elements.

Note live-stream URL's may change due to ongoing infrastructure changes, for switching to a redundant stream or other requirements. Client applications should refresh their URLs when retrieving an updated provider RSS feed.

Child elements of this field is the list of available live-stream formats. Currently supported are:

  • streamname : the name of the live stream, to be used for retrieving other stream related metadata.

  • hls-aac : HLS stream containing AAC encoded audio.

  • ice-mp3 : Icecast stream containing MP3 encoded audio.

  • ice-aac : Icecast stream containing AAC encoded audio.

Each format element can specify 1 to 4 URL's for the low, medium, high and hifi quality version of the stream. Note that not all streams might not support all quality levels! Example:

<ionofm:low src=""/>
<ionofm:medium src=""/>
<ionofm:high src=""/>
</ionofm:hls_aac> <ionofm:ice_aac> <ionofm:low src=""/> <ionofm:medium src=""/> <ionofm:high src=""/> </ionofm:ice_aac>
<ionofm:low src=""/>
<ionofm:medium src=""/>
<ionofm:high src=""/>

Show end-time

<ionofm:endDate>Sun, 19 May 2002 15:21:00 GMT</ionofm:endDate>

This is related to the duration of an item and is used for mainly in the Stream metadata RSS to indicate the running time of upcoming items. This complies to the same RFC 822 value that is used for the standard RSS <pubDate> field.

Currently playing metadata


This is an optional field that is populated when the stream has currently playing metadata associated with it. See this article for information on how to interpret data from this URL.

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