User rights for your content - who can manage, publish and report?

Publishers typically have several employees involved with publishing and managing their content and others involved indirectly in reporting and monetising. 

Our platform supports several user roles aligned to the various type of tasks performed. Each of these roles have different access rights to your content on our platform.

What roles do you support ?
  • Admin - the content administrator role can modify channels and episodes, publish and manage episodes and draw reports. Typically the product owner or radio station manager.
  • Publish - these users can only publish and manage audio episodes. They cannot manage channel descriptions, nor draw any reports. Typically these are the producers of a specific show, responsible only for publishing it to our platform.
  • Report - these users cannot manage or modify any content, only generate reports. Sales managers for example, or other staff who track only performance and don't get involved with day-to-day content management aspects. 

How do I add or remove users to these roles ?

Users that are signed in with an Admin role can invite more users via the publishing dashboard on our site, where they can also remove existing users. Users are added by their email address, and will get an invitation email with the relevant steps to follow. 

You can also contact us on for assistance with adding or removing users to your account.

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