Sharing my page on Facebook brings up incorrect content

While content is inactive, our website does not provide access to it to anyone who is not logged in as an administrator.

When inactive content is shared on Facebook, it pick up whatever is on our front page instead of the shared page. This response is cached by Facebook, so that even sharing again after the content has been made active will still show the incorrect values.

To refresh cached content on Facebook:

1. Visit the Facebook Debugger page.  

2. Enter the URL you are having problems with into the input box, for example an episode page at, and press the "Debug" button.

3. It will display the cached data associated with that URL. To refresh it press the "Fetch new scrape information" button.

4. The page will reload with the newest information. Ensure this correctly reflects your content.

5. Sharing the page will now work correctly.

Note that we disable sharing controls on our page while content is inactive, but this does not preclude someone manually sharing the URL on Facebook. Other sharing services like Twitter and Google do no cache the content and sharing will work correctly automatically after it is disabled.

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