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This article goes over some of steps to take when resolving issues with our live streaming equipment.

We recommend always restarting the device as a first step by removing and reattaching the power plug. Additionally, a full restart is recommended after making any networking changes or changing any cables. Ensure all required cables and plugs are connected prior to powering up the device. See also our Streaming hardware setup article.

Startup sequence

The unit is configured to power up automatically when the power source is connected. After attaching the power plug the following should happen:

- Control unit's silver power LED lights up
- Orange HDD LED starts flickering indicating boot process
- USB audio device green power LED lights up
The stream should become available within 2 minutes of turning the unit on.

Various power, networking and audio issues can cause this process to fail:


First ensure the control unit is on, by checking that the large round silver on button is shining.  If it is not shining check that power supply is properly connected to the wall socket. 

The audio capture device is powered via the USB port. Confirm that the audio capture device's power LED is green; if not, please check the USB cable connection to the control unit. To test the audio unit you can also plug it into any computer USB port to see if it is recognised. If not, potentially try an alternate USB cable.

The device requires the HDMI plug shipped with the package to be attached in order to start up correctly. 


If both units seems to be powered up correctly but loading the stream web player produces an error then network configuration may be to blame. 

- Check on the back of the control unit that the network cable is connected properly.

- The green LED's below the network cable connection should continuously flash green, indicating network traffic being transmitted. 

- If the LED's are not lit, check that the cable is properly plugged into a working router.

- If they are lit orange or green but not flashing this indicates a problem with the router configuration:

- Our device requires an IP address to be assigned via DHCP. Please ensure that DHCP is enabled and configured on the router.

- Any firewall should allow un-throttled outgoing traffic on port 80, 8000 and 10170.  (Click here to see if port 8000 is open. This is the most important one.) 

- To test the router configuration, connect a normal computer or laptop with the same network cable and ensure that it can automatically connect to the internet and open in a web browser.  

If this fails please configure your router to enable internet access or contact your ISP's assistance for configuring your router and account.


When the stream is online but silent, please check that the LED's around the gain controls are active and mostly in the green state.

If they are not lit, check that the gain controls on the unit are are not set to 0, and also check the output settings of the audio source is set properly.

Note there may be up to a 30 seconds delay from changing volume or other audio setting to it affecting the live stream's output.

Please see the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 manual for more information on the audio capture device.

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