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The device must be connected with a network cable to a router that:

  • Assigns an IP address to the device via DHCP

  • Allow unfiltered outgoing internet traffic on ports 80, 8000 and 10171. (Click here to see if port 8000 is open. This is the most important one.)

The internet connection used for streaming must:
  • Be able to sustain a constant upload speed of at least 150 kbps, 300kbps preferred

  • Cater for 35GB to 50GB of outgoing traffic per month

  • Provide a reliable route to our Europe datacenter

  • IMPORTANT: We recommend using a dedicated internet connection for streaming. Other devices using the same connection may cause skipping to occur.

Validate network access

Prior to connecting our streaming device, validate the internet connection by following these steps:

  • Connect a normal laptop or desktop machine to the router the device will be connected to

  • Use the same network cable the device will be using

  • Ensure internet browsing works without setting up an configuration

  • Visit in your browser.

  • Click on Server: Auto Select Server. Under Europe select "Frankfurt, DE"

  • After running the test the Upload speed must be at least 0.20Mbps and the Ping must be below 200ms.

Package contents

The package contains the following items:

  • Intel mini-PC

  • Power supply for mini-PC 

  • 2-pin prong for power supply
  • HDMI plug

  • CAT5 network cable

  • USB cable

  • Focusrite capture device

Hardware setup

The device will automatically power up and attempt to start streaming whenever it's power supply is connected. Prior to doing so ensure that:

  • The network cable is connected

  • USB audio capture device is connected

  • HDMI plug is connected

  • The two (left and right) ¼'' TS audio jacks are connected to the Focusrite audio capture device. Audio Cables need to be supplied by the station. The Focusrite device requires dual analog input via ¼'' TS jack. We do not recommend using XLR connectors since this automatically enables the Focusrite instrument mode pre-amplifier. This will make the input signal very loud and ultimately degrade audio quality.

  • Both input settings on the audio device below the gain controls are set to LINE and not INST.

From startup it should take at most 3 minutes before the audio stream becomes available. Also see our Streaming device troubleshooting guide if you experience any issues.

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