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Requirements & support

Streaming requires a reliable internet connection from the studio where audio is captured to a dedicated input server on our platform.

The internet is never a 100% reliable and customers may experience intermittent errors when streaming into our platform. Our dedicated hardware will always attempt to automatically reconnect and establish the stream. Where customers use their own software or hardware with our streaming-only solution they are responsible for ensuring reconnects after a disconnect. It is highly recommended to select software or hardware that do this automatically.

Acceptable input formats

Customers using our streaming-only service without our dedicated hardware can push their audio into our platform using:

  • Icecast 2 on port 8000 AAC

At the start of your trial we will provide the IP address, hostname and password to use when pushing your stream into our platform. These settings are unique per customer.

Any input bitrate is acceptable as long as it can be pushed reliably with your available upstream bandwidth. We recommend between 160k and 192k using AAC.  (With special arrangement we can accomodate Opus and MP3. MP3 is not recommended though due to the poor compression ratios.) 

See also the "Validate your Bandwidth" section on this page to establish your upstream capacity.

What software can i use to publish my stream ?

While cannot really recommend any specific third-party software tool for customers that wish to use our service-only solution, there are a wide range of free and commercial software available than can create audio streams in our required input formats.

There are a huge range of Icecast source clients that should work with our platform:
  • BUTT, free cross-platform tool: 

Setup example: BUTT

After creating your stream, our team will provide you with your connection details. It should contain these items:
IP address1.2.3.4
Mount point/1234.aac
To set your stream up with this configuration:

1. Install the free BUTT tool. 
2. Run it and open the "Settings" window.
3. Under the "Main" tab, under "Server Settings", choose "Add"
4. Give your stream a name.
5. Always select "ICECAST" under the "Type" setting.
6. Enter your provided details in the remaining boxes:

7. Save your settings.
8. After this is done, you can use the "Play" button on the main interface to start streaming your audio.

If you are unable to connect, you can take screenshots of your "Edit Server" window (shown above) and the main "Log" area and send them to our support team for assistance.

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