Publishers - service-only streaming information

Requirements & support

Streaming requires a reliable internet connection from the audio capture location to a dedicated ingress server on our platform.

  • When signing up customers can specify the closest location to them to promote reliable uploading of the stream. We support the following locations: London, Frankfurt, New York, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Toronto, Singapore.

  • The internet is never a 100% reliable and customers may experience intermittent errors when streaming into our platform. Our dedicated hardware will always attempt to automatically reconnect and establish the stream. Where customers use their own software or hardware with our streaming-only solution they are responsible for ensuring reconnects after a disconnect. It is highly recommended to select software or hardware that do this automatically.

Acceptable input formats

Customers using our streaming-only service without our dedicated hardware can push their audio into our platform using:

  • Icecast 2  on port 8000. Accepts AAC, Opus and MP3

  • RTMP on port 1935. Accepts AAC, Opus and MP3. 

At the start of your trial we will provide the IP address / hostname and password to push the stream into our platform. This is unique per customer.

Any input bitrate is acceptable as long as it can be pushed reliably with your available upstream bandwidth. We recommend between 160k and 192k using AAC or Opus. MP3 is not recommended. See also the "Validate your Bandwidth" section on this page to establish your upstream capacity.

Output formats & qualities

We offer our streams at different quality levels to end-users to cater for differences in connection speed. Our player allows users to choose their quality level:
  • Low - ±20MB per hour / 40kbps: a low quality stream for slow or expensive connections such as EDGE or 3G, good for voice content but not ideal for music.
  • Medium - ±40MB per hour / 80kbps: the default quality level suitable for most connection types. Provides great voice quality and a decent music experience.
  • High - ±80MB per hour / 160kbps: a much higher audio quality level suitable for faster connections. Provides quality equal or better than FM broadcasts.

To ensure compatibility with a wide range of platforms each quality is available in 2 audio formats:

  • Icecast MP3


Our web player will automatically select the best supported format when loading in a browser. Additionally direct access to the streams are also available, for playback with another application or service. The "How do i listen with a media player application ?" section on this page assists end-user with accessing the streams with an application.

What software can i use to publish my stream ?

We always recommend leasing our dedicated hardware to ensure reliable high-quality stream uploading.

While cannot really recommend any specific third-party software tool for customers that wish to use our service-only solution, there are a wide range of free and commercial software available than can create audio streams in our required input formats.

Using Icecast for input is recommended above RTMP. There are a huge range of Icecast source clients that should work with our platform:

We have also tested these RTMP clients with our solution:
  • The awkwardly named butt - broadcast using this tool. Free. Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. It supports Icecast audio and claims to be able to reconnect automatically when a connection is interrupted.

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