Publishers - adding your stream to TuneIn

It's easy to provide your live stream to TuneIn users by adding or updating your stations

TuneIn allows multiple streams to be added per station. (Similar to our web player, the TuneIn application will then allow listeners to pick the quality suitable to them and use the best supported format.)

To find the URL's you need to add to TuneIn, go to your stream player. At the top of our player is a "Support" button that opens a new support page for your stream.

On this page there are 6 stream URLs listed: 

  • 3 in HLS/AAC format at Low, Medium and High quality
  • 3 in Icecast/MP3 format at Low, Medium and High quality

Copy and paste these URL's into the TuneIn submission form. We recommend adding all 6 to TuneIn for best results.

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