Publishers - record & publish recommendations

When recording and publishing podcasts every producer has different needs, tools and goals.

General recommendations

We can make some generalised requirements for getting the best quality out of your podcast audio for online distribution:
  • Always record and edit audio in a lossless format like WAV.
  • Record in 24-bit samples at a 48kHz sample rate.
  • Avoid applying heavy limiting and dynamic compression effects when creating your master.
  • Keep peaks below -1 dBFS to leave headroom for different normalise and compression operations.
  • Don't up sample to a higher rate than the original. Import process

  • For uploading your audio into our platform, use a lossless format only if you are publishing music podcasts. When uploading lossless audio, please use FLAC instead of raw WAV files.
  • Most podcast and voice content can use lossy compression without sacrificing quality. 
  • We recommend compressed file uploads at 48kHz sample rate and encoded with AAC-LC at 160kbps.
  • We distribute all files as stereo. For mono input we duplicate the audio channel to create stereo output.
  • We perform EBU R128 perceptual loudness normalisation at a target of 16 LUFS. (Loudness Range 11 LUFS, True Peak limiting -1.5 LUFS)
  • Low quality output formats downsample to 24kHz and 32kHz sample rates, while high quality output uses 48khz.

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