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  1. Can I limit the amount of data downloaded?

  2. Content usage reports (podcasting and live-streaming)

  3. Do you use DRM ? Are files 'protected' in any way?

  4. Getting started with publishing on our site

  5. How can I see what I've listened to?

  6. How do I listen to my personalised RSS feed in iTunes?

  7. How do I publish episodes? What files can I use ? How does archived episodes work?

  8. How do I start playing an episode from a particular time?

  9. How do i use my Playlist?

  10. How much bandwidth will i use?

  11. How much does it cost?

  12. I am a registered user, but cannot find a channel or episodes that I should have access to, even when I search for it?

  13. I feel my content is on your site without approval?

  14. Integrating with RSS

  15. e-mail disclaimer

  16. RSS Namespace

  17. Listeners - live-streaming support

  18. Media pack artwork

  19. My audio playback does not work! How do i fix this?

  20. Premium content and payments

  21. Premium payments terms & conditions

  22. Publisher - current song / "Now Playing" metadata for live streams

  23. Publisher - stream monitor & alerts

  24. Publishers - accessing stream audio archive

  25. Publishers - adding your stream to TuneIn

  26. Publishers - record & publish recommendations

  27. Publishers - service-only streaming information

  28. Publishers - stream hardware setup & requirements

  29. Publishers - stream hardware troubleshooting guide

  30. Publishers - stream metadata RSS for podcast channels

  31. Publishers - using fallback input

  32. Sharing my page on Facebook brings up incorrect content

  33. Syndicating podcasts to Spotify

  34. Uploading episodes via Dropbox

  35. User rights for your content - who can manage, publish and report?

  36. Using my RSS feeds for iTunes or other platforms or apps

  37. What are Providers, Channels and Episodes ? How do i add or edit them ?

  38. What formats are files available as?

  39. What is good metadata and why should I have it?

  40. What's the difference between Series, News, Podcast and Books?

  41. What's the difference in file qualities? How big are the files?

  42. Where do I get the URL to join a “closed group”?

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