Section / Averages
  • 19 Nov 2021
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Section / Averages

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Article Summary

Averages provides key averages metrics for sessions in the reporting period.


Average Sessions per User

Simple metric. Average number of sessions per user in the reporting period, calculated as number of active sessions (AS) divided by unique users (CUME).

Average Minutes Listened (ATSL)

Simple metric. Average time spent listening is the average duration of sessions, calculated by dividing total listening hours (TLH) by the average active sessions (AAS).

Average Minutes Listened per User

Simple metric. Average total minutes consumed per user in the period, based on the total listening hours (TLH) divided by by unique users (CUME).

Average Active Sessions (AAS)

Simple metric. Average active sessions is the average sessions that are active per hour, calculated as total listening hours (TLH) divided by the number of hours in the reporting period.

Session Starts (SS)

Time series chart. Graphs session starts over the time. Useful to see when users start listening to content.

Midway Sessions

Percentage chart. (Podcast + Ad only). The percentage of sessions that downloaded up to 50% or more of the content's duration.

Completed Sessions

Percentage chart. (Podcast and Ad only). The percentage of sessions where 100% of the content duration was downloaded.

Note for Completed / Midway sessions

When tracking completion, we track how much of a podcast file was delivered.
Some syndicator apps will retrieve the file in chunks as it is listened and our web player also typically behaves this way (based on the specific browser and version). This will produce decent results, but user's whose podcast syndicator apps are configured to auto-download the entire file can skew this stat to higher numbers. This metric is more accurate for longer episodes than for short ones.