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  • 06 May 2021
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Section / Overview

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Article Summary

The overview page provides a high-level overview of audience size and content usage.



Sparkline metric. Shows the unique session started (SS) in the reporting period. Shows as "Listens" for podcasts, "Session Starts" for streams, and "Impressions" for ad campaigns. See Measuring Sessions.

Unique Users (CUME)

Sparkline metric. Cumulative audience, the number of unique users with at least one session in the reporting period. See Measuring Users.

Total Listening Hours (TLH)

Simple metric. Sum of all time spent listening by active sessions in the specified period, measured in hours.

Bytes Sent

Simple metric. Sum of all bytes sent to deliver the content measured in the reporting period.

Active Users (Concurrents)

Time series chart. Unique active users graphed over the reporting period. Indicates when most users listen to content and provides "concurrent" listener information.


Simple metric. (Stream only) Shows the uptime percentage of the stream over the reporting period.