Data subprocessors
  • 04 Apr 2023
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Data subprocessors

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Article summary

To enable our platform and services we use third-party data processors ("Subprocessors") that may have access to personal information. This document lists the identity, purpose and location of each relevant Subprocessor used by us.

What is a Subprocessor?

A subprocessor is any external service or provider used by to deliver our service that may in the course of our business activities have access to personal information shared to us.

Third parties (Subprocessors)

We've broken the list of processors into relevant sections, to provider a better understanding of when these services have access to your information and why.


We use these services to deliver our website and core products.

Google Inc.Website and content analytics, customer interaction, documents.USLink
HetznerServer hosting providerGermanyLink
DigitalOceanServer hosting provider, Data storageGermany, UKLink Inc.Data storage, podcast and image filesUSLink
CampaignMonitorAdmin user transactional emails, Marketing and product update emailsUSLink
NewRelicWebsite error and performance trackingUSLink
SendgridTransactional emailsUSLink
JotFormSales and support queriesUSLink


We use these services to handle email support and internal information exchange.

SlackTeam communication servicesUSLink
FreshdeskEmail support helpdeskEULink
FreshstatusStatus mailing listsUSLink


We use these services to perform invoicing and billing for paid customers.

XeroInvoicing and billing detailsZALink
PayfastCredit card and EFT paymentsZALink
PaypalOnline paymentsUSLink
Chaser HQAccounts outstanding managementUSLink
Chargify (Maxio)Invoicing & subscription managementUSLink
Cybersource (Visa)Credit card billingUSLink


The third-parties and subprocessors that we use will change over time to adapt to our business needs. We will provide any platform account holders with change notification via email, along with updating this document.

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