Section / Referers
  • 11 Mar 2023
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Section / Referers

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Article summary

Which domains and web pages drove traffic to content.

Based on the "referer" header from the browser:

"The HTTP referer (a misspelling of referrer) is an optional HTTP header field that identifies the address of the webpage (i.e., the URI or IRI) which is linked to the resource being requested."

Referer Domains

Table. Top-level domains where content access originates from. Sorted by most sessions first, includes the "Session %" column which indicates the percentage of the total active sessions that a line item makes up.

These are special referer domains:

Direct traffic (No referer)Primarily content that was downloaded from an application, either on a mobile phone or desktop, that is not a web browser and therefore has no page that "refered" it or in cases where the referer was not provided.
iono.fmContent accessed on the website.
www.iono.fmContent accessed on the website.
iframe.iono.fmContent accessed by directly visiting our web player URL. accessed using a basic fallback version of our web player on old devices.
embed.iono.fmContent accessed by our web player that was embedded via oembed instead of an iframe.
dl.iono.fmPodcast content that was accessed by directly calling our content URLs.
edge.iono.fmRadio stream content that was accessed by directly calling our stream URLs.


Table. Specific web pages where content requests originated from. Sorted by most sessions first.