Unlisted stream
  • 08 Nov 2023
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Unlisted stream

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Article summary

What are unlisted streams ?

"Unlisted stream" is a feature that can be used to host a stream that is publicly available, but is not listed on our site or included in search engine results. It requires a user to have the a direct link to the content page or listen via an embedded player.

How is an unlisted stream different ?

When the "Unlisted stream" feature is enabled for stream, it differs from our normal streams in these ways:

  • Is excluded from lists and search results on our website
  • Prevented from being indexed by search engines (via the noindex tag on it's page)
  • Embedded players do not link back to their content pages
  • Web pages provides no "Share" feature

Unlisted streams do not provide any access restriction based on user logins.

Getting started

Streams can be switched between normal and unlisted mode at any point, but it is recommended to apply this setting from the start for new streams that require it. Once streams are public they may indexed by search engine crawlers at any time.

Except the listed differences, unlisted streams are managed exactly like normal streams.


An additional fee for unlisted streams applies.

See the pricing page for more details.