Content structure
  • 04 May 2021
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Content structure

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Article summary

All podcast content on our platform is organized into a 3-layer hierarchy:


At the top is a provider, which represents the account that publishes the content. This is typically the name of the organisation.


Each provider can have 1 stream object.

Channels (shows)

Every provider can have 1 or more channels.

A channel represents an individual podcast show where episodes are published to. Each channel also exposes an RSS feed that can be used for syndication.


Every channel can have 1 or more episodes.

These are the individual podcast episodes that users can listen to or download.


The number of channels and episodes available is determined by the podcast package of the provider.

How to add or edit new channels and episodes? allows logged-in admins to edit most of their content 'in place'. If you browse your content while logged-in with an admin account, you will see the relevant edit and publish controls.

  • New channels can be created using the "Add channel" button on your provider page.
  • New episodes can be published using the "Publish episode" button on the channel pages.