Payments & invoicing
  • 19 Jul 2022
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Payments & invoicing

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Commercial subscriptions to our B2B products can currently be paid via a range of options:

  • Manual credit card (All customers)
  • EFT (South-Africa customers)
  • Debit orders (South-Africa customers)
  • Paypal (All customers)

Customers are invoiced on the 1st of each month, and invoices include payment details.

We are working on a fully automated monthly recurring payment system for customers and hope to make this available soon to improve the payment experience.

Invoices include:

  • Service charges, in advance, for subscribed products and components.
  • Charges for metered costs, in arrears, accrued during the previous month period.

Example: an invoice on the 1st of April may include the cost of a "Pro" package in advanced (for the month of April) and 150 minutes of transcription minutes used in the previous month (March).

Invoice details

Invoices will include contact and organisation details provided by customers on their Billing portal.

A VAT number can be specified and will be displayed on invoices, but note that we do not currently add VAT to subscriptions outside South-Africa.

Invoices are sent to the owner of the publisher account and the optional invoice address specified on the Billing portal.


Our products are charged in South-African rands (ZAR).

Different rates and conversion previews are provided for USD, GBP, EUR currencies on the Billing portal and pricing pages. For displaying previews on our website we refesh the currency exchange rates frequently, but the amount reflecting on your payment may not exactly match the preview amount.

Currency is determined based on the country of the publisher account:

  • South-African customers are charged in ZAR including VAT,
  • Customers in the UK use GBP pricing,
  • Customers in the EU zone uses EUR,
  • All other customers in USD.

Payment terms & account suspension

Invoices are issued on the 1st of a month and payable within 30 days.

Failure to pay an account within the required period will result in account suspension.

Suspended accounts shows a warning page in place of all publisher web pages and players, and publishing of new episodes is not possible. If payment have not been received after 7 days, suspended accounts also prevent access to RSS feeds, podcast files and radio stream output to listeners.

Suspended accounts may be deleted 30 days after non-payment.

We understand the difficult market conditions for customers in developing markets and would like to work with our customers to prevent suspension of critical services. Customers struggling to make their financial commitments can contact us to establish a payment plan for arrears to prevent suspension.

Payments and invoicing for publisher accounts are managed by customers in the Billing portal.

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