Using podcast trackers
  • 28 Jun 2023
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Using podcast trackers

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Article summary

Our platform supports these podcast tracking platforms:

Third-party podcast trackers uses the HTTP redirect functionality so that any request for an audio file goes to their servers first, before redirecting back to our servers. This allows them to track when a file is requested by an end-user, while redirecting back to our platform to serve the actual file.

Enabling trackers

To enable this functionality, use the "Edit Publisher" functionality and go to the "Trackers" section:

Screenshot 2023-06-28 at 10.09.37.png

Under the "Tracking" section, these services can be enabled by:

  • Entering a Chartable ID provided by them
  • Enable Podtrac

Entering an invalid Chartable ID may cause your audio playback to fail for customers!

Updated output

After saving this configuration, the tracker prefix(es) will automatically be inserted for all podcast URL's:

  • In our web player.
  • In RSS feed enclosure fields.
  • In "download" links on our website.

For example, an enclosure in the RSS feed may look like something this without any tracker enabled:

But after enabling Podtrac and inserting a Chartable ID, it will be updated to: