Syndicate a stream via TuneIn
  • 16 Jul 2021
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Syndicate a stream via TuneIn

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TuneIn is a popular stream syndication platform that pulls your stream from our platform and delivers it to listeners on their app and some voice assistants.

Updating URLs on TuneIn

You can manually ask TuneIn to update your stream details on their platform.

  1. Visit the TuneIn Broadcasters page.
  2. Click the "Update Station" link.

Which URL to use ?

To determine which URL you should submit to TuneIn:

1. Visit your stream page.

This will be in the form of where xxx is your own stream identifier. You would have received this link during stream signup.

2. Select the right URL to submit to TuneIn.

We provide several output URLs, in different formats (Icecast AAC,Icecast MP3 and HLS/AAC) and different quality levels (low, medium, high) based on your package.

Currently we recommend always using the medium quality icecast URL.

You can find this link under the "Listen with Winamp, SONOS, Blackberry or any other player" section of the stream page, the link titled:

"Medium quality Icecast AAC"

It will point to a URL in the form of:

Where xxx is your own stream identifier.


Example page