Long episodes
  • 17 Aug 2022
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Long episodes

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Article Summary

Our platform supports podcast episodes with very long durations, but special rules apply to episodes longer than 1 hour in length.

Larger audio files impact both listeners and hosting infrastructure. With this in mind, the following rules apply to podcasts over an hour in length.

See also our podcast recording recommendations for comments on podcast durations.

Long episodes

Any episode longer than 1 hour is considered a "long" episode, and the following rules apply:

  1. The podcast package determines the maximum episode length allowed.
  2. Episodes count 1 towards the episode storage limit for every hour of audio.
  3. Episodes above 90 minutes are delivered in only one quality profile.
  4. Podcast ad-stitching is only available for episodes shorter than 90 minutes.

1. Episode duration limits

The podcast package determines the maximum allowed episode duration:

PackageMaximum duration
Free1 hour (60 mins)
Starter2 hours (120 mins)
Pro3 hours (180 mins)
Studio10 hours (600 mins)
Radio12 hours (720 mins)

Episodes longer than the package limit will not be accepted for publishing.

2. Episode storage count

Each podcast package has a limit to the number of episodes that can be stored on our platform.

Every episode counts as 1 towards this package limit.

For episodes longer than 60 minutes, our platform incurs an additional usage of 1 for every hour of audio, rounded up.


  • A 45 minute episode counts as 1 towards the package limit.
  • A 1h 45m episode counts as 2 towards the package limit.
  • A 4h 1m episode counts as 5 towards the package limit.

3. Quality profiles

To manage the size of these files and ensure customers have a good listening experience, episodes longer than 90 minutes are not available in our all our audio formats and quality levels.

Episode durationOutput formats
Less than 90 minutesAll standard podcast outputs
90 - 180 minutes (1.5 - 3 hours)Single 128k MP3 file
More than 180 minutes (3 hours+)Single 64k MP3 file

4. Podcast ad-stitching

Dynamic ad stitching is not available on episodes longer than 90 minutes in duration. These episodes cannot be monetised when delivered to third-party platforms and players like Apple, Google, etc.

Listeners using our web player may still receive client side ads when listening to the episode.